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Dye Sublimation Cloth Printing

Dye sublimation simply put is solid dye particles being changed into gas using heat and pressure, which then bond with any Polymers present, and then change back into a solid.

Our process begins by printing your image onto transfer paper. Next the image is run through a machine that applies the necessary heat and pressure. The image then gasses through the fibers of the cloth and permeates it with vibrant color. The achievable gamut is greater than that of solvent printing and the durability is unparalleled.

WMU Dye Sublimation History Wall

Advantages of Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation has the highest print quality for printing on fabric
Very durable and can be washed without losing their appeal
Full Color Process - no extra charge for multiple colors
Larger print sizes available than a litho press (or screen press)
Photographic quality image capability
More elegant look and feel than vinyl or plastic
Portability - can easily be rolled, shipped, and/or stored
Very resistant to wrinkling
Lightweight - Easy to fit stands, frames, & structures

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